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Goats/4 mo. Old Nigerian Dwarf doe urine is randomly red


Zoe seems to be fine, she eats and is happy ( a little bloated at times) but her urine sometimes is red. We have had a heat wave here in Ca. And I can't get her to drink from a bucket. So, yes, I rigged up a 2 litre bottle with a nipple. The wether that was to be her companion had died of heat stroke before I could bring him home, so I was obsessed with her not becoming dehydrated. Now I just read about water intoxicationhypotonicity-induced hemolysis.. I have been doing this for about 6 weeks and noticed the red urine last week. I took the bottle out today, the weather is a lot cooler at the moment, I'm hoping she figures out the bucket. I didn't think I was hurting her, will this intoxication reverse itself or do I need to do anything? I really appreciate your help, I've googled myself into a frenzy right about now!!  Thank you:)

HI CIndie:

:) glad you found the article! And yes it should fix itself..  I think you need to put her back on bottles with maybe half milk and half water.. this will be enough milk to not have her  be affected with the hemolysis.. at 4 months  old some do and some do not yet figure out the water from a bucket drinking..  (been there done that) - just make sure she gets enough water/milk bottles to keep her hydrated.. a few days without the water  you should see results .. I have 2 8 month old kids now who are still on bottles because they too have not yet figured out  how to use the water bucket..  they are blind.. one totally and one partially..  babies watch moms drink  which is how they learn.. bottle babies who have no moms take longer to figure it out.. esp if there are not other older babies or adults drinking that can  get the hint from.  More work yes but eventually she will  make sure all the while she does have access to a bucket of water.  I tried the old put the nipple in the bucket and let them suck the water  to teach them trick..  to let the totally blind one drink and while she DID use the nipple I held in the bucket.. the following day she had red urine.. so..  the actual sucking water even though in the bucket with her head down.. triggered the red urine issue.  Because (which closes the  esophageal groove or reticular groove ) causes the water to go directly into the abmomasum.. causing the  issue.

So for awhile, back to milk and half water bottles for  hydration.. while you offer water in a bucket.. I don't know how long it will be before she figures it all out.. each kid is different.  


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