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I've been researching your past answers, trying not to duplicate a question.  I have 2 does, sisters that should be pregnant currently - 1 yr, 8 mths old.  I noticed a dry cough several weeks ago from one of them, but kept thinking it was allergies and it might go away.  Over a week ago, it turned into more of a wet cough w/ mucous she would swallow.  I started her on Pen G, 4 days ago at the rate of 5cc/2x a day.  She is still coughing and sounds like there is some congestion, but now her sister is coughing the same way.  I have wormed them twice with natural wormers during this coughing phase, but not with safeguard.  So I'm now concerned about the lungworms.  I have kept two doelings from their first freshening and they are 8 months old.  I really want to get rid of this before it can possibly be passed to them, if what they have is contagious.  And especially before bad weather sets in.  I started the 2nd doe on Pen G last night at the same rate, so she has had two doses so far.  They eat good, they are pooping & peeing all the time (normal).  They are too fat, I will admit.  Not on grain so much (which they do get a little of), but they have their own round bale of grass hay to munch. I want to put them on the children's Benadryl as you've mentioned for the congestion.  But can I treat them with the safeguard while I'm giving them the Pen G?  And can they have the safeguard while pregnant?  If you think I should have them on some other medicine, instead of the Pen G, please advise!  I have been reading about Tylan 200 for respiratory, so I am just not sure of what I'm doing now!!  I have been giving the med SubQ.  Today, I gave probios, along with some paste that was Selenium & Vit E.  I am new with goats and have a lot to learn!  Thank you in advance!  I'm sorry, I know this is not just one question!

ANSWER: Thanks for all the information, appreciate it.  Always a good idea to start with the pen G as you have.  There are two possibilities usually with a cough, one is pneumonia (this can be either bacterial or fungal) and the other is lung worm.  Since the penicillin does not seem to be helping it is possible this is a fungal/mycoplasma pneumonia.  LA200 (oxytetracycline) can work against fungal pneumonia.  Tylan 200 can be used for fungal arthritis, so I am assuming it may also kill fungal pneumonia.  Re the subcu technique, this only gets 1/3 to 1/2 of the amount of antibiotic to the animal.  Dosing for penicillin is 3 cc/100 pounds twice a day for 5 days given intramuscularly (we use the rear thigh muscle using a 1/2 inch 20 gauge needle).  When you use intramuscular injections you must draw back a little on the plunger once the needle is in as many goats are allergic to any antibiotic in their blood system (you would see immediate red color come into the barrel).  Given that you are not giving the penicillin intramuscularly you could either extend subcu injections to 10 days or go with intramuscular injections for another 2-3 days to see if this helps the symptoms.  Or, you could switch and try another antibiotic.  But, again any antibiotic really should be given intramuscularly - unfortunately I have never used Tylan 200 so cannot give you advice on intramuscular or subcu injections.  If you start the LA200 (or Biomycin which is the non sting formula) dosing is 4.5 cc/100 pounds once a day for 5 days given intramuscularly.  

You could also switch to sulmet oral antibiotic at 1 teaspoon mixed in a little apple juice or mixed with yogurt (for probiotic need that is required when giving any antibiotic) per 75 pounds body weight given twice a day for 7 days.  

At the same time, yes you could treat for lung worm, which is once a week dosing on the plunger using 3 times the goat's body weight to find the dosage (this is oral horse wormer, not liquid goat wormer), you repeat this once a week for three weeks.  

Glad you have been giving probios and have tried the benadryl. Are they running a fever? - anything over 102.5 is a fever).

Hope this helps - please let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: I have purchased the Oxytetracycline, just to have on hand, so since it'll be ok to just switch antibiotics, I think I will start the LA200 since the Pen G does not seem to be working.  

The Safeguard will be started today.

Their temps are 102.6 & 103.  Lower temp is the one I have been giving the Pen G to since Sunday.  Higher temp is the one I just started on Pen G last night.

They have both had Pen G at 8am today.  Can I start the LA200 tonight or would it be best to wait till tomorrow?  

Thank you so much!  I appreciate your time and knowledge!!

ANSWER: Thanks for the update.  If you are going to go with intramuscular injections would go at least one or two more days with the penicillin.  Or you could switch to LA200 tomorrow morning and start that antibiotic.  For the fevers, would give human aspirin, one 325 mg human aspirin per 75 pounds body weight every 4 hours to help bring down the fever.  The aspirin needs to be crushed and dissolved in a little hot water, cooled and given orally.  You can also continue with Benadryl especially if either seems more congested. Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Well, they have all been pooping fine, till this afternoon.  I have given both does the asprin, fixed like you mentioned.  I added a little bit of applesauce, so it would be accepted better.  But the doe with the higher temp seems to have quit pooping.  I have had her tied for about 1.5 hours so I would know for sure and nothing yet, which is incredibly odd!  It's time for their pm feeding of grain, which I would add their probios to, but should I give her some mineral oil or something before or after she eats.  Or do I need to hold her off of everything till she has a movement?  She was eating hay when I pulled her out of the pen, so she has no loss of appetite.  They both seem to be coughing more, so since I have given the Safeguard, if their problem is lungworms, will it be normal for them to cough till they get rid of them all?

Thanks for the update.  Re the not pooping, does the one doe seem bloated at all? Sometimes with pneumonia and with antibiotics their digestive system goes off track.  You are welcome to gibve her some mineral oil to be sure she is not getting constipated.  Yes, if it is lung worms they could tend to cough more until they are killed by the Safeguard.  Hope this helps - Donna


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