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I have a female goat that had some bleeding 4 days ago and has passed some tissue appearing clots since then.  She is now unable to get up and is groaning in pain.  she appears to be bearing down like she is trying to pass something.  She would have been probably about 6 weeks pregnant. When she tried to stand yesterday she acted like she was drunk and now today she cant get up at all.  She is in a lot of pain and I feel helpless.  we do not have a vet that treats goats in our area, can you please help?

HI Connie:

Sounds like a possible abortion but what bothers me is how she is acting.. abortions do not normally cause this type of symptoms - the drunkenness appearance suggests goat polio or listeriosis  or possible ingestion of something poisonous.. you are going to HAVE to call around and find a large animal  vet.. even if it is miles away.. :(  I would do this today.. I  know it is not easy but honestly without knowing exactly what happened I am afraid  guessing right now may jeopardize her life.

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