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QUESTION: My 9days old baby goat he was not standing .if i support to stand then he will stand . He will try to get up but he cannot . Please suggest me what to do.as soon as possible

ANSWER: HI Maqsood:

Is this baby being fed by it's mom or bottle fed? if bottle fed what are you feeding it? if  fed by it's mother  are you absolutely SURE it is getting milk when it is suckling?  Sometimes a baby goat appears as if it is being fed because it is under mom and sucking  BUT  sometimes it is getting nothing because her teat may be plugged with a protective waxy plug  the goat produces before kidding, this needs to be manually removed by milking a few squirts of milk from each teat at birth to make sure babies can get milk. Another possible problem may be mom has mastitis and will not allow baby to eat..  First you need to determine if baby is actually eating and not weak from starvation.  If being bottle fed I have found in 90% of the cases of kids being fed with commercial formula  they get weak and die.  Better to use another goats milk or even cows milk or commercial milk from the store.

Bottle Feeding Baby Goats: http://goat-link.com/content/view/94/76/

Have you taken the rectal temp? Normal is 101.5 F to 103.5 F - a weak kid will have a low temp - usually under 100 F -
We use Bo-Se here in the states for selenium - this  helps avoid a condition known as white muscle disease  - I don;t know if the vet's there have it..you might ask your vet - it is a selenium/vitaminE combination  we use it here at the dose of 1cc/40lbs goat weight.  a small baby would get very little but it seems to help in these cases.
ALSO not to forget the possibility of Joint ill - caused by an infected navel cord - is there swelling or redness at the navel cord?  this causes joint issues with baby - this occurs when bacteria travels up a newborn kid's wet navel cord and migrates to its joints.
To be successful, treatment must be given early and, when possible, antibiotic selection should be based on culture and sensitivity testing. Frequent injections of high doses of parenteral antibiotics given for ~1 wk may effect a cure if combined with careful nursing. Joint lavage with saline and antibiotic solutions may enhance therapeutic outcome in select cases. Complications should be prevented by providing soft bedding, frequently turning any kid unable to stand, and massaging the affected joints. If ankylosis starts to develop, the kid should be supported in a sling for short periods as frequently as possible.

cite: http://www.merckvetmanual.com/mvm/musculoskeletal_system/lameness_in_goats/joint

I have had babies  who could not stand for the first few weeks of life only to get strong and  grown big and healthy with  daily work with the legs , the use of Bo-Se and bottle feeding them enough  goat milk  to make sure they are properly nourished - in addition we use  supplements  one is called Nutridrench- it has vitamins and minerals that  help weak kids get strong.  
I am unfamiliar with what you have available in your country  so again this is something you might want to ask your vet.
So make sure  the baby is actually getting milk - and see if you can add these supplements to  the babies  intake - Bo-Se (veterinary prescription required) is usually a one time injection - the nutridrench is given a couple times a day.

Bo-Se Info: https://www.valleyvet.com/ct_detail.html?pgguid=30e079f3-7b6a-11d5-a192-00b0d0204ae5

Nutri-Drench:  https://www.valleyvet.com/ct_detail.html?pgguid=03e60cc0-0f86-419e-8fae-7e4a5464f48c&gas=Nutri-Drench

More reading on weak baby goats: http://www.tennesseemeatgoats.com/articles2/healthproblemsKids06.html

I suggest  calling the vet and having this baby checked out.  Only someone with hands on can determine what is truly happening with the baby -

Do let me know how the baby  does.
I hope this information has helped.

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Can i give this composition vitamin A 12000I.U Vitamin D3 6000 IU vitamin E 48mg vitamin B12 20 mcg .for my baby goat. Sir please repply me on urgent basis.please please repply sir.

ANSWER: HI Maqsood:

if you are talking about the Vitamin A-D-E-B12 Gel - yes you can give it .. I'd use 2 ccs  orally myself.
Baby is not getting any better?
Were you able to see a vet?

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QUESTION: Dear all
Thanks for advice . My baby kid was start standing .very very thanks . Please tell me one thing more what should i feed for my baby goat .he was now 17 days old please send me details of concrates and how much quantity thanks

HI Maqsood:

What WONDERFUL news!! SO happy to hear it..  baby of this age needs milk.. no replacer just goats milk  or if not available.. then cows milk  I am sending you links to how a baby digests food and how to feed a baby..

Baby Goat Digestion: http://goat-link.com/content/view/99/86/
This article includes how  to feed the baby..  

mostly offer hay.. or grass if you have pasture (they will pick at it  at first  getting the rumen to develop so later they can digest the hay)   pellet feed is difficult to digest for baby..
BUT this age up until about 4 months old relies on milk mostly for nutrition.

Keep me posted on how baby is doing and thank you for the great news that this baby is now standing!  


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