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Goats/Bumps on Udder?


Hi Donna,  just a quick update on Penny. Still, for the most part, unable to eat although I saw more life in her beginning last night and able to hold her head up now for short periods of time. I'm only giving the LA-200 at 12cc twice a day now. The B1 still high does till I see all the spasms of pain gone which are very mild now. She seems to be getting a bit bloated after eating and very little poo, so thinking constipation. I started her back on milk of magnesia till I can see soft poo again. For the gas I gave 2 tablespoons baking soda mixed in water and after a bit of belly massage she passed a lot of gas.
    Now another of my girls has bumps on her udder mostly down one teat and on one side up along the top of the udder feels very dry almost scaly also runs along the bottom of her belly but not as thick more like random bumps, no hair loss. She had this before and went away most of the summer but now back. Any thoughts, I have one other with mild traces of it, and both seem to be scratching a lot LEG MITES? and what is the treatment?

Thanks for update on Penny.  All sounds good.  If you have mineral oil, I like that to help with gas and constipation - I usually mix half and half (mineral oil and MOM) and give that.

The bumps could be from mites but also could be an allergic reaction to bedding.  Any new bedding or change in bedding type? Could use mite/lice dust for them and also give children's benadryl for the possible allergic reaction.  If the bumps have any pus on them or in them would consider staph infection.  For that penicillin usually works well.  

Hope that helps - Donna


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