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tebow nose is swollen
tebow nose is swollen  
QUESTION: I have a buck with a swollen nose. It has been that way for a couple of days. We have gave him childrens benadryl and also treated it like it was nose bots, so we gave him ivermectin and penicillin. so far the swelling hasnt gone down it doesnt seem to be bothering him at all. Any Advice!

ANSWER: Are there any bees or wasps still out in your area, or have you seen any hives in his pasture?  Any spiders still about?  This is most likely either a spider or wasp sting, or otherwise could be an infection.  Would continue with children's benadryl as on the label/dosing for at least two more days.  Would  also start on penicillin at 3 cc per 100 pounds body weight twice a day for 5 dayus given intramuscilarly in the rear thighs.  If you start the antibiotics he also will need probiotics such as powdered type or yogurt given twice a day.  Is the area hot to touch? Let me know - hope this helps - Donna

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QUESTION: We have not touched it yet. But haven't seen any bees or wasp. My be some spiders around his barn somewhere but none that I've seen of. Thanks for your help

ANSWER: Thanks for the info.  Is he eating and drinking okay?  Have you taken a temperature yet?  Anything over 102.5 would indicate an infection.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Today i noticed there was something on the side of it, We squeezed it to see if he was hurting and some beige colored stuff is coming out of it. so we know it is some infection of some sort. Should we put him on some probiotics. I havent got to take his temperature yet. What else should we give him. He got more benadryl this morning.

Thanks for the update.  If possible would keep up with squeezing and cleaning as much as possible.  Would definitely start him on 3 cc/100 pounds body weight of penicillin given intramuscularly in the thigh muscles twice a day for 7 days (know I said 5 before but it looks like it could take a couple more days to kill the bacteria).  Have you given intramuscular injections before?  Use of a 20 gauge needle 1/2 to 3/4 inch in length works well.  He also will need probiotics twice a day during his time on antibiotics.  Is he still eating and drinking?  If not would start him on vitamin B1/thiamine to keep polio from setting in, and you may need to orally drench him with liquids and mush - let me know about the eating.  Penicillin is available over the counter at most farm/feed stores, as well as the needles and syringes. Donna


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