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Hi Donna, today is day six, I have increased the B1 vitamin to 16 tabs every 6 hours. I have reluctantly started injecting the Pen-g intramuscular. I bought some keto-malt a strong concoction meant to stimulate appetite and provide nutrition she gets 80 ml of this twice a day. Things seem to be improving I think. She isn't moaning like she was and drooling is subsiding. However, she is very weak and I'm wondering if the 1 cup of mush 4x a day is enough to sustain her? She is also getting 8 cups of electrolytes daily. She is still pooping, peeing although not very much poop but soft from the milk of magnesia. I didn't have rabbit pellets so I am grinding up pig grower and adding to the oatmeal which I am also grinding till a fine blend adding electrolytes to make a mush and adding black strap molasses.Her eyes are clear and blinking properly, her ears are alert and moving. I have her head elevated on a pillow and she is propped up in an upright position and body shifted every 6 hours. Ok so how long now before I see some more improvement like eating even small amounts of hay, and again should I be giving more oatmeal mush. Any help is appreciated , thanks.

Thanks for the previous update.  Re the owner having to put her down, sometimes that hard line is needed for people to understand goats deserve better.

Good idea on the B1.  Re the mush, if you can get her to eat more that would be great.  Might also add vitamins to the mixture - I use human daily vitamins in the mix - two tablets twice a day.  Sounds like she is improving.  You are still giving probiotics, correct?  Also, changing her position at least twice a day?  It can take 2 weeks of this type of support you are giving before you see improvement of her starting to eat on her own a little and drink a little on her own.  This issue, is that if she was left to being ill before you got her that has already taken its toll on her system.  Hope for the best.  Again, and I will say it always, you are a good person, thanks for caring.  Donna


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