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Hi Donna, ok seems like she is starting to come round slowly, now willingly opening her mouth for her electrolytes and mush, and this morning a very small amount of hay on her own. She still has a long way to go and I don't want to mess up now. That being said I had to take her off the antibiotics yesterday as her rumen shut down for a brief time and jump started with probiotics and bloat ease. She is still getting milk of magnesia and poops are soft but manageable. She is still getting a large dose of vitamins and will continue. I've added in a b complex to give her more protection and stimulate appetite. Now Question Should I continue the antibiotics on a lower scale. The la 200 I have is long acting and at a slightly lower dose should hold her stabilized I think. Question 2 Physio, for her stiff neck which I know is from damage to the brain stem, but still needs to be addressed, any suggestions. Head swings fine to the right but gets very stiff to the left and even painful and of course, she is favoring the right to lay down as there's no pain. Spasms are all but gone not severe and eye twitching also nowhere near as bad. For her legs all I need do is take her by the hoof and pull slightly and she responds with pulling back so all four legs get a workout twice a day.Thanks

What great news.  Lots of work but oh the joy when you see them respond, even a little.  You could continue on the LA200 and indeed at a lower dose just to cover her.  Re the neck, you could use some hot compresses or some horse or people type joint liniment and massage this when you can.  You could also give her people type glucosamine with MSM to help with stiffness.  Physio sounds great and the response from her is promising.  Hope this helps.  Again, great job, hang in there (as I know you always do).  Donna


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