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Hi Donna, Penny seems to be at a standstill regarding recovery. Here's where I'm at with her. She finally passed all the bad poo emptied her belly so to speak so all bloat has stopped. Her eyes have stopped wobbling and all drooling has stopped. She has and will take hay now and chew it as long as I give it to her as she still doesn't have a lot of motor control over her movements, ie. neck, legs etc. All this seems to be neurological as when I exercise her right back leg she will raise her head and the same with the right front leg any exercise of the left side limbs doesn't seem to bother her. She still favors being on her right side and head as far to the right as she can get it still very stiff. Now she seems to have minor spasms of pain perhaps 5-10 intervals apart, and sometimes 2 minutes apart. They do seem to range in severity on a scale from 1-10 around 3-7. Its weird one day she is eating pretty good and then a day of the pain she slacks off and tomorrow she will again want more food. I'M at a loss, not sure what to do and is very frustrating. Vitamins cost a fortune and I have cut back to 10 a day a mix of b 100 complex and b1 . Her la 200 comes twice a day in doses of 6cc each twice a day. Also loads of probiotics. Thinking she may still have a gut issue maybe a trace of the listeriosis there I gave her 10cc straight in the mouth to drink. Read this on one of the sites would help with this and then jump start her rumen later with probiotics. As I wasn't there when she actually caught this it's hard to say for sure how long she actually was showing symptoms. When I got to her she was flat out and i mean out body and mind. Any ideas what more to do ? or just push through and hope?

Thanks for the update.  I totally understand about cost, and it can add up quickly.  I usually use the B complex vitamins and many times I can get them cheaper than B1.  It would be the thiamin that helps with her motor control.  If I don't see symptoms improving I usually increase the B complex.  Re the LA200 this can be once a day to every other day at 4.5 cc/100 pounds body weight.  It is, of course, possible that yes she had had symptoms for such a lengthy period of time already with a great amount of damage to her systems being done that she may not come back fully.  The best we can hope is that within the next few days to a week we see her munching on her own - I usually cut the hay in very small pieces and keep it with grain and water right next to the goat - you probably are doing that too.  Hope this helps - Donna


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