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Hi, Donna. Have a goat here of my cousins that I'm sure is listeriosis from eating moldy haylage. Since I have been down this road myself I decided to bring her to my farm and try to help her. She is a 3-year-old, really big girl 150+ lb's otherwise very healthy animal. Initially, she was flat out in 24 hours, alert but not able to rise. She wasn't drooling like the one of mine, but all symptoms pointed to listeriosis, eye dancing I call it shock pain every minute or so. I have her on 12cc Pen-g over the ribs 4 times a day, 8 x 100 ml B1 tab crushed and drenched and some aspirin for pain, around 100 ml 4x a day also probiotics 4x a day. She has been getting 1 cup oatmeal 4x a day and 2 cups electrolytes 4x a day, which I switched to water only today. Since treatment began on the fourth day now the involuntary movements have subsided ie, running motions in her legs and eye dancing she never went blind although she had some paralysis on her left side face. I've been hopeful till this morning as when I went out she is drooling profusely  indicates Polio I think. So am I giving enough B1 FOR HER WEIGHT OR SHOULD I INCREASE TO MORE THAN 8 PILLS? iS IT COMMON FOR Polio to show up later in her treatment. She is pooping and peeing temp is good, 100-101. She was shivering this morning so I put a blanket on her and issue resolved quickly. She is not stiff like she was initially ie. neck, however, appears weaker but could be from the constant pain. She's not my goat but still feel she deserves to live and be helped which is more than the owner was going to do, his answer a bullet. I warned him about the haylage laced with black mildew and other colors. He had 9 other goats eating out of it and when I went back hours later they still were, he has since removed the goats to the barn but I am afraid he may not see the last of this problem as up to 72 days later this can show up, and kid abortions are high. Any help is appreciated.    The amount of oatmeal too much? at 4 cups a day? or about right?

What is her temperature? How many days was she not eating when symptoms started?  Since polio is always a secondary disease to other diseases that cause not eating, I would assume the first disease is listeriosis and now has the polio.  Did you give her any milk of magnesia in the start to try and clear the listeriosis from her intestines? When you say "over the ribs" for penicillin, are you giving this intramuscularly? If not I would definitely switch to thigh muscles intramuscularly.  Would double the dosing you are currently giving for B1 but really could go to four times a day for all the dosings.  Would go to electrolytes for long term and not just water.  Generally I see listeriosis show up within days of mold ingestion.  Is the oatmeal regular or baby type?  Is the oatmeal blended well?  Regular oatmeal is hard for goats to digest when ill.  I use baby type so it is easy on their stomach.  Going back to the penicillin, if you have LA200 or Biomycin I find that works sometimes better in killing listeriosis.  Again that is intramuscularly.  I usually add molasses and ground up alfalfa pellets (or even use rabbit alfalfa/feed pellets) to the oatmeal - I soak the pellets and then put all in a blender.  This is a tough thing to deal with, as you already know.  I sometimes wonder about some goat owners and why they have goats at all if they are not going to help them when needed.  You're a good person Barry - hope the above helps - let me know - Donna


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