Hi Donna, I have a 7-year-old Doe that has a lump on the outside of her hock. About 3 years ago I noticed a scab there and a lump beginning to take shape. As it began to expand it became soft and I poked it with a needle and drained a white pus quite liquid. I did this several times and where the scab was I put poly sporin' to heal the area. The area did heal but never entirely and a scab always stayed on this area and  deduced it most be from lying down and chafing the area. This summer the lump again began to grow and the scab on it's own would come off. Again I poked it but this time it is different no pus is in there and the lump feels more like cartilage not soft not hard and not squishy. I did try something I have done before but am nervous of how many times I can do it. I injected a small amount of Pen-G directly into it. I also disinfected the area with blue kote. There seems to be less size now and it doesn't ever bother her even my prodding and squeezing doesn't appear to cause pain. I think it bothers me more than her as I see it there. Did some research and I think this is a fungal thing, so how is that treated? Or is it maybe something else. She has no other lumps anywhere and never has, perfectly healthy other than this. Any advice greatly appreciated, thanks

Hi there - Sounds all good that you have done for her currently.  Could be fungal but then again could be an infection that has become chronic.  I would do intramuscular antibiotics, start either LA200 for 5 dosings or with penicillin  for 5 days.  LA200 might help if fungal and penicillin if infection.  Have you taken a temp? Hope this helps - Donna


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