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QUESTION: i have baby male about a month old he was very health big for his age, and today he was very lethargic, drunk like and foaming at the mouth.also we have some other babies on the other side he diarrhea, i'm not sure what is causing it or how to treat it. thank you so much.

ANSWER: What type of food is he on?  Still on milk? Foaming generally indicates poison intake.  What is his temperature? Is his poop normal?  Is he bloated? Is he up to date on his CDT? Are the others up to date on his CDT? Let me know the answers as soon as possible.  Re the diarrhea, what color is it?  Brown is digestive upset or intestinal infection.  Green is coccidiosis.  Yellow is enterotoxemia.  White is E. coli.  Each has a different treatment.  You're also welcome to call me at 360-742-8310  Donna

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QUESTION: still on milk plus i have free access for them alfalfa hay and pellets. and they are up to date on the shots, its sort of dark green. i gave the coccidiosis med as a precaution and the next day they had the green diarrhea

Thanks for the update.  The foaming in the one could be from eating the pellets too fast.  Is he drinking his bottle currently?  Do they have access to the pasture?  If so he could have eaten something poisonous. If he is not drinking his milk would consider pneumonia and start on penicillin injectable.  Re the green diarrhea.  If they just started eating more alfalfa this can cause digestive upset.  Are they drinking their milk?  Would keep up with coccidiosis medicine.  You can give pepto bismol to help with the diarrhea.  Let me know re the questions above.  Thanks - Donna


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