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QUESTION: i have baby male about a month old he was very health big for his age, and today he was very lethargic, drunk like and foaming at the mouth.also we have some other babies on the other side he diarrhea, i'm not sure what is causing it or how to treat it. thank you so much.

ANSWER: Hi stmmfarm:

Are these bottle babies? IF so are they on milk replacer? If not are they nursing from mom and  if they appear to be nursing, are they actually getting milk from the teats?  I need MUCH more information before I can even begin to help - In addition have you taken the baby's rectal temp? if not please take it and let me know what it is. This is always the first thing to do any time you have a goat who is off - normal is 101.5 to 103.5 -

Does this baby have access to  some sort of feed pellets? the foaming at the mouth  and lethargy "could" be  lack of ability to breathe due to pellets stuck int he windpipe - usually  any time a goat acts drunk is because of goat polio - typically from over eating concentrated feed or food with mold in it.. another possibility is poison - insecticides, other chemicals,  - As I said without  much more information.. very hard to determine.

Please  get back to me with all the details  - anything and everything you can think of in this situation

ALSO information  of the kids with scours (diarrhea) what they are eating, ages of the babies, rectal temps  etc.

Articles that may help you :

bottle feeding: http://goat-link.com/content/view/94/76/
scours: http://goat-link.com/content/view/46/75/
baby goat digestion: http://goat-link.com/content/view/99/86/

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: they are nursing plus i put out alfalfa hay and pellets for them, and that is also to the foaming one

Hi stmmfarm:
I suspect the  baby has pellets stuck in the throat..  I still need more info to try to help..  rectal temps.. more detail etc..

for now..

Hold the baby upside down in your arms and  pat the side of the chest  to see if she /he will cough up the pellets..  1 month old babies really should not have access to any pelleted feed for this very reason..
do not try to stick your finger down the throat.. as it may lodge the  food worse..   OR hold baby across your lap head hanging down and  pat the side chest area..   if all else fails and you are tall enough.. try the swing baby technique..  photos here  http://www.goat-link.com/Articles/SwingBaby/sb.html
Usually used for newborns with phlegm in the airway but this should also work in this situation.
As long as the baby is still breathing ..  this is the best route..  Just make sure you are tall  enough and nothing is in the way..  if you are too short the baby's head will hit the ground  


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