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QUESTION: i have baby male about a month old he was very health big for his age, and today he was very lethargic, drunk like and foaming at the mouth.also we have some other babies on the other side he diarrhea, i'm not sure what is causing it or how to treat it. thank you so much.

ANSWER: How old is he? Is he eating any grain or hay? Has his or the others food changed recently? Could he have gotten into anything poisonous, or a poison plant? Is he eating and drinking now? I need to know these things to get an idea what is going on. Also, take his temp. That is important, too.

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QUESTION: i give them alfalfa and pellets, he is not doing that good still

Is he getting a bottle with goat milk? He needs to be on the bottle till he is 2-3 months old. And only grass hay. Alfalfa and pellets are too rich. If you have grass hay and he will eat, that is good. Is he drinking? At this age, it is often hard to turn them around when sick like this. You need to make sure he does not get dehydrated. Make sure he is warmed up to at least 100 degrees. Good luck with the little guy. If you have more info, let me know, and I will try to help.


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