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Goats/baby goats grinding teeth


I have twin Nubian bucklings, 2.5 wks old that were disbudded by the breeder on Monday, 11/30, & received teatnus antitoxin. Weight is 12 #s.   They seemed fine until this morning when I noticed #one had yellow diarrhea & the other, #2 had evidence of having had diarrhea.  Both are dam raised,(mom had CDT 3 wks prior to kidding). #one was listless & looked gaunt.  # two was quieter than usual & both were grinding teeth almost constantly.  Took # one to vet. Temp was 103.8. Stool was neg. (Vet has Boers.)  He gave Banamine & Naxcel(?).  Said likely due to disbudding pain & inflammation though disbud sites look good.  # one was better within an hour. Nursed & is active.  # 2 is hunched & grinding teeth, & shaking so he probably has a temp, now.  He did nurse small amt.  It's now midnight & I'm wondering if this is really due to disbudding? Any info/suggestions greatly appreciated.  Thank you, Dee


I would think it is the same thing. Do you have more banamine and naxcel? I would call the vet, explain the situation and ask if you can get mess for the second one. But take the temp first, so you can share that info. Good luck with these little kids. It is hard to see them sick.


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