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Hi Donna, you're not going to believe this but one of my own here looks like has polio or listerious. She gave birth to twins a month ago and was very weak and stumbling, more in her hind end than anything. I thought at the time she may be selenium deficient and gave her 2 cc of Selon-E that's our equivalent to your Bo-se. She responded almost immediately and very quickly regained her strength, then 2 weeks ago same thing but not as bad so this time only a cc of the Selon-E. I checked her temp and didn't seem to high, seemed low if anything 101 degrees. Again she responded very well and I gave a long acting antibiotic just to rule out infection. She has been doing great up to this morning very shaky and wobbly made it to the milk stand so I could relieve some pressure. Didn't really seem like listeriosis but I started treatment anyway. I'm still not sure this is Listeriosis either even at this time. She seems to have some moderate pain but also has little strokes I call them where she will almost collapse, and sometimes will collapse. She becomes really shaky and very disorientated for a few moments rapid breathing etc. Checked her temp again a couple hours ago and is 100 on the mark which is not good. Shows it is dropping and may be shutting down. Just checked it now the same 100.1 Weird she wants to eat hay as soon as the spell passes. Eyelids are fine poops normal. Rumen is functioning. I thought maybe pneumonia as I had one with walking pneumonia, acted pretty much the same way, but he actually shook off the seizure and got up normal and began eating. This has me stumped. There's so many possibilities as to what is wrong, all not good. There is no drooling and only time I see any eye wobble is after the stroke. Then after a bit she gets up very weak and eats hay. If this is listeriosis she is in the very early stages of it which I usually  only  see after they are down on their broad side. Don't know what to do accept treat for what I know. Thought I'd run the symptoms by you just in case. O just on a small hunch I began horse wormer 10% fenbendazole just case it's deer worm. Symptoms slightly resemble this especially the very early signs a month ago. Plese help

Hi there. Unless I know of a specific source of mold ingestion would doubt listeriosis. Could be meningeal worm. Temp is good. High is anything over 102.5. 100 to 101 is normal. Would use safeguard at 3 times the body weight to find dose given once a week for three weeks. Would also cover with IM antibiotic. polio is always a secondary illness from not eating. Hope this helps.


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