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Goats/Muscle Stiffness


my boss's goat was standing all night. once he went to move this morning, his muscles siezed up and he fell over unable to move. Since then, he has a decreased appetite and is disoriented. Any idea on what could be causing this?

This currently sounds like polio, which is a secondary disease to another disease.  Any foaming at the mouth? Any wounds?  Is he up to date on his CDT vaccine?  How old is the goat? Was he not eating or looking well the day before?

Would start with tetanus toxoid (available at most feed stores) just in case of possible tetanus.  Would also start with high B1 or B complex tablets - 5 (per 75 pounds body weight) of either ground up and dissolved in a little hot water given every 4 hours for day 1, then twice a day until the goat is eating again.  Would also start on probiotics twice a day. Would also start on oral drenching of electrolytes (unless the goat is drinking with you).  Would also take a temp (rectal) and if over 102.5 would start on aspirin at one 325 mg tablet per 50 pounds body weight (ground up and dissolved in a little water) every 4 hours until the fever breaks.  

The original illness could be tetanus or leptospirosis or listeriosis, or pneumonia.  

Let me know about the answers to the questions above.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna - you can also call me at 360-742-8310 if you'd like.


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