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Goats/3 week old nubian


she is a runt but feeding from mother but this week she is having trouble standing on front legs

HI Scott,
you have not provided much information to go on..

weakness in the front legs typically  is nutritional.. are you sure she is actually nursing and getting  enough to eat? She may look like she is nursing but  without actually getting down to her level and making sure she is  latched on to the teat  and  actually getting milk -  you never know. if this is one of twins or triplets she may  be  getting kicked off  and siblings may be getting it all - I would  first of all  give her a tsp of baking soda in water .. this is a typical thing to give any  kid under 3 weeks old that may be suffering from floppy kid (if it is not floppy kid it will not hurt them) - it stabilizes the pH in the gut and helps  right away.. IN addition, I would be giving her goat Nutri-drench  a couple times a day.  It comes in a pump and  we use 2 squirts at a time..  full of nutrition .. I also would be  supplementing with bottles.. in between feedings with mom..  use mom's milk  and give her 10% of her  body weight per day if she is getting Nothing from mom..   5%  if she is getting  fed  some by mom..  split these feedings up 4 times a day..  It sounds like starvation to me.

Without having much more information on your situation,   this is my best guess.
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