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Goats/6 wk possible constipation


QUESTION: 6 wk old goat who i think is constipated. He is hardly eaing and humped up and doing what seems to be pushing. I gave him an enema of soapy water 4 times as well as mineral oil orally. I did get 3 soft pebbles out.  After the enema, he seemed to have his butt stuck out further than normal and cry. I rubbed and rubbed belly but dont know what to do. He is in w. momma and also eating some grain w/ her as well as hay.

ANSWER: If the grain is adult goat grain that is probably what is bloating him. Would try infant human enema, not soapy water. Mineral oil usually works best given orally at 1/4 cup per 50 pounds, give orally every 2 hours for 3 doses. Massaging his tummy about 20 minutes after the mineral oil can help. Is he up to date on his CDT toxoid vaccinations? Should have had one at 2 weeks and another at 4 weeks so far. Let me know.

If the weather is cold would bring the little one inside. Constipation causes their body temp to go low and being cold outside can make it worse. This could also be obstipation from over eating grain and the grain then has created a mass in the intestines which can be difficult to pass. Hope this helps. Donna

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QUESTION: yes everything is up to date. He is indoors in basement. I just took his temp and it is 100.8. I did however give him mineral oil orally and also karo. I just checked on him and really acting abt the same. I guess I will leave him for the night and see where we r in the morning.  Is that the best thing to do

Would give the mineral oil at least two times. No Karo syrup as that can cause further constipation. Keeping him hydrated is important too. If he is not drinking then would orally drench with warm water or electrolytes. Would advise checking on him during night.  


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