QUESTION: Hi Donna, how is winter treating you and your goats? I have had 3 Does abort 10-15 days early, and I lost every one of them, the kid's. The Dams were not top notch but not bad shape. All were bred to the same buck. The Dam's don't seem to have worms, and the hay is clean, decent quality. I had sore mouth run through here early in the fall, and I'm wondering if this could be in play to these abortion's. The buck that fathered these also fathered 14 very healthy large kids. I also had one deformed baby which I put down.Any suggestion's would be welcome as i still have a dozen to kid, but to a different buck.Thanks

ANSWER: So sorry to hear - just hate to lose kids.  Since they aborted close to kidding that is usually either selenium deficiency or the doe has an intrauterine infection or the doe ate something that caused the abortions, and that includes the deformed one especially (sweet pea in the hay causes late abortions and deformed kids).  Were the does up on selenium/D/E (I usually give them another dose 4 weeks before kidding)? How about the does, eating and drinking well?  No discharge that you noticed before they aborted? Did you notice any odd smell or breakdown of the tissue in the afterbirth? Are the does older? Had kids before?  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi I gave all my girls 1.5 cc of selenium about 4 weeks ago. All the girls that aborted were 2 - 3 years of age. I didn't notice any discharge prior to aborting, and actually got caught off guard, as I thought I still had a week or two before they kidded. One thing I have noticed in the three that aborted is an unusual amount of blood. This latest girl, her placenta looked old, and she had a discharge like very old blood after she delivered the afterbirth. These last two kids were big and fully grown, but unlike the others they never took a breath. The other's all succumbed after they were born mostly to exposure, as I wasn't there fast enough to get them warm. They all kidded before. The hay is a different supplier this year, quality looks good. I have been feeding the Doe's only recently Medicated Lambena, which I usually reserve to after they kid. I'm leaning towards the Hay and feed, but have not ruled out an infectious disease.

Thanks for the update.  Re the selenium, was this Bo-Se? Usual dose is 2 cc for adult goats.  But I still give vitamin D with it as many times plain selenium/E just does not work.  The unusual amount of blood could be seen in selenium deficiency.  The old placenta can indicate an infection.  It is so hard to tell with goats - it seems there can be a storm of abortions and many times they are not from the same cause.  Donna


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