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QUESTION: i have a boer goat pregnant laying around grunting for days shes huge she had twins last time she has gave birth twice but i never heard her grunt like this she only grunts when laying down is this normal?

ANSWER: Is she close to her kidding date?  Has she lost her pelvic ligaments? Is her udder full?

The grunting can be from her being uncomfortable from the kids - she could have more than two kids this time, or she could have larger kids.  Is she eating and drinking water okay?

Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: not sure when her due date is but yes her utter is full an she looks thin at her hips but not sure how to tell about the ligaments ive always been able to tell when she was in labor but i thought she was a few weeks ago when i heard her grunting but she never deliverd but she eats all the time like theres no more coming but like i said when she stands up she quits grunting thanks for your answers.need them.

Thanks for the info. The "thin" look and drop of her sides so she looks thin certainly says labor is coming.  The pelvic ligaments are a good way to know how close she is to kidding.  If you place a thumb and forefinger about 4 inches up from the tail head on the backbone and then start moving them out and down towards the rear of the goat (in a V shape) the pelvic ligaments can be felt in a doe either not pregnant or early pregnancy like pencils but as the goat gets closer to kidding the ligaments begin to soften up and pretty soon you can barely if at all feel them and the area on either side of the backbone at the tailhead feels mushy.  

Glad she is eating well.  This may indeed just be from her being uncomfortable from the kids.  It also can be that the kids are moving into position for kidding.  Glad you have seen her in labor before.  Hope this helps - Donna


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