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Just following up w/ the little guy w/ possible constipation. At this point he is laying around alot unless I walk in the room. He is yelling this loud awful painful cry quite often but i really dont know what to do. Can I give him asprin for pain?  Now I have a bottle baby that is 6 wks old and very healthy. I noticed a little bit of pasty butt w/ her this morning. What should I do?  yogurt and pepto or no?

Thanks for the update.  Is the little guy still not passing more than a few pellets? Did you start him on the wormer? The painful cry would indicate most likely he is obstipated.  A vet visit might be in order, if possible, otherwise, more mineral oil - or you can try a little more heavy duty constipation medicine - you might find different items available to try over the counter (I think one is called "something" citrate, it is a liquid, and is a very powerful flush to the intestines - this could work.  The vet might just take an x-ray and it is possible to see an obstipation.  Yes, you can give aspirin for the pain, one 325 mg aspirin per 75 pounds body weight - need to crush and dissolve in a little warm water and then give orally, once every 4 hours is fine.  It is possible the little guy has a bad case of bloat if his tummy is still distended - mineral oil again usually works great, but could try infant bloat over the counter medicine.  Or, a vet can do a trocar to the rumen and release the bloat, which can cause the painful cry.  Or if you have a goat person who is familiar with use of a large bore needle (16 or 18 gauge) that gets put into the space between the 7th and 8th ribs up towards the top - once it penetrates the rumen you will hear and smell the excess gas be released.  

Re the little 6 week old, if the paste is yellow in color it can be the start of enterotoxemia.  Would give another dose of CDT toxoid vaccination.  Would also use milk of magnesia to help coat the intestines and get the bacteria out of the system along with the toxin that is affecting the poop. Yogurt too is fine to help keep the new rumen healthy.  Would use one tablespoon milk of magnesia given orally twice a day and yogurt twice a day, one teaspoon each time.  

Hope this helps - Donna


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