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Hi Donna, I have a very large 4-year-old Boer/Nubian Doe who is very pregnant. As of the last 2 weeks, I have had to go in and help her to get up as she is so big. This morning I got her up and she stumbled and down she went, up again and this time ok. Tha last couple days she has really sunken in, guess the kids have dropped. Ligaments are gone. She is eating well and her eyelids are a nice deep pink as well as the gums. She seems weak though and I don't know why. I'm starting New Cell today, no temp, thinking it may have something to do with the pregnancy. Pregnancy toxemia maybe? Any suggestions? Thanks.

Do you have a good kidding date for her? Is she on alfalfa or extra calcium? Do you have her on molasses water every day? Does she have a sickly sweet smell to her breath?

This could be just that she is carrying such a heavy load that is why she is weak/acting weak.  This could also be ketosis (this usually gives a very sick sweet breath) from carrying multiples and not having enough sugar in her diet - molasses water every day usually helps with that - 1/4 cup molasses per 1 quart of warm water twice a day.  This could be hypocalcemia if she has been receiving outside calcium such as in alfalfa (either hay or pellets) - for this she needs more calcium - TUMS work well or calcium tablets twice a day Starting on the new cell is fine/won't hurt her.  Is she drinking well?  

Let me know - Donna


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