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My nanny goat has dried blood on her milk sack and mucous coming, but I see no kid. Searched the whole field. I attached a picture. Does she look to have already kidded to you? Maybe something swooped in and got the baby? She isn't looking for it. My female LGD usually helps clean the kids, but there is no sign of a baby anywhere. I tried to feel her for the kid but got a horn in the face so gave up.

Sorry for the delay. We had a power outage all day. Has anything happened since? It is impossible to tell if this is labor or post kidding. Was she due? Could she have aborted? The way to check for kids is get behind. Her, put arms around belly in front of udder and lace fingers. Then pull up quickly but gently. You should feel the baby if it's there.  Let me know what you find out.


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