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Hi There Donna,
Thanks so much for getting back to me...Okay i found out that its the PURINA GOAT CHOW & i know that u said its not gud for them... My nephew bought a 50 lb bag & he opened it & can't return it when i called the feed store... I then ask them if they sell the COB & they said yes they do also in a 50 lb bag, & its less than $20.00..So would it be better if they get the COB instead??? But what do i do in the meantime cuz i really don't want to have them get sick... & Re: The DOE she is nursing the little one on her own the mom teats r full so the little one is getting his milk from his mom... Thanks Donna hope to hear from u soon..

Would either mix half and half for the buck or only give the buck the COB, if that is possible.  The goat chow is okay for the doe while she is nursing but will make her fat once she has stopped nursing the little one.  Glad the little one is eating well.  Hope this helps - Donna


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