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Hi There Donna -  U know Mama IGGY just gave birth to a baby migi & my nephew bought purina goat feed for all the goats but they r also give premium grass hay...How should the grain be given to all goats along with the grass hay... I don't want them to over feed on the grains cuz i'm afraid of bloat & over-eating diseases..Thanks so much Donna & by the way how r u & the goats.. I miss chatting with u..This baby was just born yesterday & don't know exactly how to care for him..He's a boy... & i do't know y they named him after my migi..Lol.. Thanks Donna! Luv U.. Lila Ann

Hi there - always great to hear from you.  If the purina goat feed is the "goat chow" then that is not good for the wethers and bucks - it can cause urinary calculi.  Usually goats do not need the high protein that is in many goat feeds - 16% and higher is a high protein.  A general goat grain usually is fine - like you fed Migi - 12 to 14% protein - and a good hay is plenty to keep goats healthy/happy.  Re the new baby, is the doe feeding it okay? Are you going to bottle raise it? At 2 weeks it needs to be castrated (banded) and disbudded along with getting it's first CDT injection/vaccination.  Another CDT vaccination at 1 month, 2 months 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, all at 1 cc and then starting at 1 year and every year after 2 cc of the CDT toxoid (you can order this online or feed stores usually have it) - not sure if you remember the size of needle, but if you do not, it would be a 22 gauge 1/2 inch needle.  Hope that helps.  Keep me posted.  Oh yes, I have four does in the barn who are due to kid in another 2 weeks - so the bottle feeding circus will start soon - ha, ha.  Love you and Migi - Donna


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