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Sorry haven't gotten back to u, Okay re: The Mama & baby r together, Father is in separate pen, & sister is separate pen. Re: The goat grains i really can't make out what it says all i can describe it is looks like Nutreana it say 14% something when i look closely it has corn, & barley, & the other looks like rolled pellets i'm assuming its the oats but it look wettish not dry, maybe it has some molasses in it.. My nephew only mixed up a few but has the goat chow & cob if it is cob separate..Yesterday i gave the mama 1 cup & the sister 1/2 cup cuz she's still small & the father (buck) 1/2 cup along with some premium grass hay.. They r not giving this grain everyday maybe 3 times a week but they r giving them the hay everyday with some other greens, weeds, & shrubbery..I wanted to ask u about AMMONIUM CHLORIDE i do have some leftover or maybe they may need to buy some cuz i do have some leftover after Migi passed but not sure if its old & don't want to give any old supplement but would it be ok for them to sprinkle some in their water or sprinkle them on the grain when feeding to prevent UC? Just a thought & idea. Let me know if i'm doing the right thing...But Mama is nursing baby miggy but Mama looks kinda skinny i guess from nursing...Thanks Donna & let me know what u think..

Me & Migi

ANSWER: Thanks for the update.  Okay, for the mama, she should be getting 5 to 6% of her body weight in total feed per day with 1/3 in grain and 2/3 in hay - you can use a measuring tape to measure around her heart girth (around the body just behind the front legs)and then go to the internet and look up goat weight chart and then use that measurement to find a weight.  So if she is 100 pounds that would mean she should be getting 5 or 6 pounds total of feed per day which works out to a little over 1 1/2 pounds of grain (using the 5%) which would be 2 1/2 cups of grain along with 3 1/2 pounds of hay which for an orchard grass would be about 1 and a half flakes of the hay.  She may need more or less as you see how show does with the extra food.  You would need to gradually increase her grain from what she is currently getting over about 7 days time.  Does the father and the sister (I am assuming that is the mama's sister) doing well/not looking skinny? If skinny looking too, especially with the sister still growing she may need more grain than she is currently getting.  Re the ammonium chloride, if it was kept dry it should still be fine, and that is a great idea to sprinkle on the bucks food, and yes that can help prevent UC.  Glad you remembered that, as I had not thought of it yet.  

Hope that helps - let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi There - Thanks so much for the info okay no not the mama's sister There's IGGY (MAMA) ZIGGY (FATHER BUCK), JIGGY (MAMA'S FIRST BABY girl) & now MIGGY (the NEWBORN boy buckling) So JIGGY & MIGGY (NEWBORN) is brother & sister..But JIGGY is fine she fat she's always wanting to eat & she very picky..Yesterday i gave her 1/2 a cup of the grains & at first she smelled it & turned away but later when i went in the house i saw her eating & she ate it all..But ZIGGY the father buck also had 1/2 a cup but he did not eat the grains at all so i threw it away..I guess he is so used to eating hay & weeds either that or he don't like the type of grains..But u know Donna the newborn MIGGY (the buckling) is so strong & he's already running around & when i feed the IGGY (the mama) the newborn actually tries to nibble on it but don't know if he's actually eating it..But then he goes back & starts sucking mama's teats..But i can't believe how active he is & he's not quite a week old yet!...Thanks so much Donna will do the measurements & figure it out..

Me & Migi

Thanks for the updates.  If Ziggy does not want grain, that is fine as long as he is staying healthy with the hay and weeds.  Re the little guy - so great he is healthy - that's the way a little goat kid should act - wonderful to hear.  He may start munching on the grains in the next few weeks, but usually this won't hurt him as he will still be eating from mama more than anything.  Love you all - Donna


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