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Goats/2 week old boer doe


My neighbors  has 4 sets of twins one of the babies just started holding it head sideways and sometimes walking sideways. Sometimes falling down. The baby has no interest in food or mama. The have alot of chickens with the goats. I have looked but can find nothing with these symptoms. They dont want to spend money to take it to the vet. I dont want to see the baby die but have no idea what can be wrong with her. The do not give vaccinations of any kind and have had one other baby die with the same symptoms. Can you give any  advice or know what is wrong with the baby? This baby was doing good until today no symptons or anything.

How old are the kids?  Would suspect a pneumonia and secondary polio - penicillin (over the counter at most farm/feed stores) given as an intramuscular injection twice a day for 5 days at 3 cc/100 pounds body weight and for kid goats - 1 cc for a 10 to 20 pound kid goat - use of a 22 gauge 1/2 to 3/4 inch needle works best and give in the rear thigh muscles.  Also would need probiotics - yogurt at one teaspoon mixed in a little water and given orally twice a day while on antibiotics along with Vitamin B complex tablets - 3 crushed and dissolved in a little liquid and also given twice a day is also advised.  The polio is a lack of thiamine (B1) from not eating which happens when a kid goat has pneumonia.  Vitamin B complex usually helps this.  If the kid goat is not weaned it would also need to be bottle raised to get it back to good health.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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