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Goats/Boer goat with weak hip joints


QUESTION: Our little kid was born three days ago.  He has had some improvement in his muscle and joints in his front legs but he is still dragging his hips and back legs.  I don't know for sure if and how to wrap this area in vet wrap or if he is lacking selenium which I never heard of until I read this post.   I would apperciate any help with this problem

ANSWER: Is he eating okay then, if he is not moving well?  Do you have him in the house and on a bottle currently?  Does he have other siblings that were born with him? Is he the runt? Did his mom receive selenium/E/D supplement 4 weeks prior to kidding? Did he need assistance in being kidded?

If he had multiple siblings or another big sibling who took up a lot of space then his symptoms could be from being "squished" in the uterus and may get better with time. If you need to pull him he could have been injured from that - a spinal issue.  But, he could be simply selenium deficient - I do not use Bo-Se injectable as it does not have vitamin D in it, which is an important part of the selenium and E working together.  I use human selenium mineral (over the counter) giving one 200 mcg tablet at his age - crush the tablet and dissolve in a little hot water and to that add half the oil from a 1000 IU vitamin E capsule and half the oil from an 800 IU vitamin D capsule, mix well, cool and give orally.  Dosing is giving now and repeat in 2 days and repeat in 10 days.  As an aside, I use selenium/E/D mix on all my goats, but there are different dosages for different ages of goats.

Let me know the answers to my above questions if you can - thanks much - Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I hope you get this.  First of all thank-you for the rapid response to my question.  The little goat is eating very well he is still with his mother and sister.  He is not the runt actually he is the larger of the two.  Yes my son had to give him a little help being born but he can sort of use his back legs but it seems to be in his hips.  When he was born his front legs were very weak but they came out of it and are quite strong now.  As for the selenium I never heard of it being a problem so no we did not give any to the dam.  I have since had another kid who is also weak in the hips who didn't have to be pulled.  If you can help me get on the right track with this problem it would be great.  Also we live in Kansas.  Thanks

Thanks for the update.  I would definitely start with the selenium treatment.  Selenium deficiency can hit a herd or just a few goats and then cause major issues, not only with kidding and kids, but with reproduction and growth.  If the issue is selenium deficiency, you should see results within 2 to 3 days of the second dose.  Selenium needs are different for each goat.  Some goats only need a small amount of selenium which they get through their hay/forage and mineral licks whereas other goats need the extra supplementation.  The selenium dosing above will not hurt the goats - I would give the newest little one the same dosage as above.  

Was the same buck used for both these breedings?  If so, it can also be a genetic fault that has come up.  

Hope this helps - let me know.  


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