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Goats/doe not putting weight on back leg after injection


Thanks again, Donna!
The leg does not seem warm or swollen.
I used a 20G, 1/2" needle.
She drinks water when I carry it to her and has eaten some alfalfa.
I had not given her grain today since she hadn't eaten much hay/roughage, but I just offered her some and she was excited enough to stand up by herself when she saw me coming with the grain bucket!
She is nursing the kid as his belly is full and he is contented.

I'll try the aspirin and see if that helps her feel better.
Do you think 3 days of penicillin might be enough? Or do you think I could get by giving it subQ (the vet told me Saturday that they give everything subQ now, even penicillin to avoid damaging meat). I'd been feeling like your method with IM was easier than my past experiences with subQ but now I'm afraid of hurting her other leg!
Thanks again!

Thanks for the update.  Re subq injections - unfortunately I have seen too many abscesses and cysts occur from these, even when the vets give the injections.  The meat issue is only important when it comes to a true meat goat within 90 days of going to market.  Intramuscular is the 2nd fastest way to get antibiotics to the goat, subq the third, and if you don't get the subq injection correct (bump or lump occurs) then the medicine or vaccine does not get to the goat.  Did you go from the back towards the front? Or did you go on the side? Did you go in the middle of the muscle? As long as she is eating and drinking well and looking okay with no infectious looking (gray/purple/maroon/smelly) discharge then perhaps 3 days is fine.  Ultimately it is your decision though.  Hope this helps - Donna


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