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QUESTION: Hi Donna, I have a Doe, with a really large lump under her eye and in-line with her back teeth. I pressed on it and it is hard as a rock and doesn't seem to bother her. My first thoughts were it may be an abscess, but a lady just emailed me about a doeling I sold her today with what appears to be the same thing. I did have goat pox here and the doeling also contracted it. The large Doe did not get it, but could this lump be because of that? Seems if it were a tooth it would affect her eating and she's always chewing. Any thought's? Thanks.

ANSWER: Usually goat pox does not present in that area. CL can occur in that area.  This could be coincidental that they both have a bump there, could be from insect bite, or being hit in that area by another goat, etc.  Doubt it is a tooth abscess, and you are correct she would not be eating/chewing well.  Hope this helps a little at least - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna if it is a CL lump would it have any give to it, cause this is rock hard, like bone and you can't even move it?
RE   the goat with Pneumonia has much improved when I switched the antibiotics to penicillin. She is up eating normal and appears no worse for wear. Thankyou.

A CL lump can become fairly hard if it fills up quickly.  Was the lump not there one day and the next there? Sounds like it is not able to be opened.  I would probably just watch and wait.  It is strange that the other goat has what appears to be the same thing.

Glad to hear the other doe is doing well.  


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