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I have recently gotten a little boy and a little girl Nubian goats for my daughter for 4-h. What Im wondering is, how do I know if the little boy is a buck or a wether the lady I got them from was supposed to castrate him but all the information Im seeing says he shouldn't have been castrated yet. He is 6 weeks old and she is 7 weeks old. I don't know if you have to wait for testicles to decend, because I see no sac on him. Also,Should they still be on milk? He doesn't have his teeth yet but she does. They were supposed to be dedubed also but she has a little bit of growth and one of the growth fell off. His also fell off this morning. Any information you can give me would really be helpful we've never owned goats all I've owned are horses. Hopefully their care is close to horses?? Thanks so much.

Hi Jessica..
you are correct that he should not have been castrated at such an early age- 6 months is best.. and  if he has not yet been castrated.. he would have testicles.. right where you would expect them to be.. tiny and somewhat deflated  at this age ... but there.. (you ARE sure he is a boy right? - boys stretch and piddle from the middle while girls squat to pee )  he has NO Teeth? Are you sure? This is not  normal.. he  should have teeth from birth..  on the bottom in the front..  never the top.. no goats have top front teeth.. AND they have  molars in the back top and bottom..
Yes still taking milk (NOT milk replacer) bottles until 4 months old along with being offered fresh mold free hay..  and  nope .. not really like horses.. :)  I have a website  designed especially for helping new goat owners..  please  wander through it.. it will help you with everything under the sun.. concerning goats..  http://Goat-Link.com
Here  are my articles on disbudding,

http://goat-link.com/content/view/20/87/ And

bottle feeding

to get you started.. congrats on the new babies..  


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