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Hi Donna,
Lila Ann here u know donna Mama iggy & baby iggy r together but lately when my sister feeds both of them the Mama gets very mean & don't want to share & sometimes horns baby miggy & like today when baby miggy wanted to eat the Mama horned him & she flipped him over..I'm scared for the baby...What can we do? My sister said maybe she can make a separate feeding area for baby miggy & Mama iggy or do we separate both Mama & baby.. Also regarding castration i don't want to have baby miggy in pain like my Migi when we castrated him so b-4 we do that on miggy do i give adult aspirin 1/2 hr b4 doing the procedure & what else do i have to give him to not be in pain when we do the castration... Thanks so much Donna! Hope to hear from u soon....

Lila & Migi

Is it when you feed both hay and grain to the mama and baby or just the grain?  If it is just the grain you could just feed them separately for the grain and then let them back in together.  Is the baby still nursing?  Sometimes the mom will butt away the kid to keep it from nursing anymore, and if that is happening then separating them totally would be advised.  Re castration, are you banding miggy or are you cutting?  If banding I usually spray the area with an over the counter burn spray - you know, for sunburns and other skin abrasions, as this cools the area.  I would use 1/4 to 1/2 of an adult 325 mg aspirin, crushed and dissolved in a little hot water given just before you band/castrate and then again in 4 hours and you can give at 4 hours after that too.  Hope that helps - let me know - Donna


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