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Hi Donna, I have another 3-year-old CAE positive Doe, that for some reason has gone off feed. Not sure what is wrong. She seems to be in discomfort when she pee's, but also the little bit of food I can get her to take, which she is more than willing, seems to cause her to wince in pain after only a few mouth fulls. She wants to eat but something is wrong. She is pooping normal no pain there, so something on the other end in her first stomach perhaps? I believe she is running a fever but not right sure, just a bit of shivering. She kidded 9 weeks ago and the kid was sold just 3 days ago, next day she was sick. She has had some produce from the store lettuce oranges, etc. very careful to not feed anything rotten. Was wondering if I should give her milk of magnesia, is all I have in case of a stomach blockage? Have started antibiotics and probiotics, along with New Cell. I have seen this before the first goal I ever had, every time she eat she would cringe in pain. She ended up passing. Hope to fix this one, any ideas?

Hi there - the not eating but wanting to eat usually indicates either constipation or infection (and many times it is a pneumonia).  It sounds more like a pneumonia/bronchitis and so antibiotics and probiotics - would do the antibiotics for 7 days.  Giving milk of magnesia certainly will not hurt her and may help too.  The discomfort look when she pees could also be from a urinary tract infection and for that penicillin usually will help although I like to give oral antibiotics for that, but should not give two antibiotics during same time period.  Hope that helps - let me know - Donna


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