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Thanks in advance for looking at my question.

I have a newborn Nigerian Dwarf buckling. he's 3 days old. He was the second kid born and also the largest. He came out with no problems and began kicking his way out of his sac immediately. He didn't stand for about 7 hours. It was like his legs didn't work at all. His legs don't work well. He's still stumbling rather than walking smoothly.

His tongue was out when he was born. It's still off to the left.

His neck jerks to the left, but doesn't seem to be able to move it to the right. He doesn't have the greatest coordination anywhere.

He had trouble sucking from a bottle (colostrum). His sucking reflex is still much better, but between his ambulatory issues and his neck jerking to the left, I don't think he's able to find the teat or stay on it much longer if he does.

Any suggestions on what to do for this guy? I gave him goat drench and probiotics. That actually seemed to help.


Sometimes they are in the uterus in an odd position. My friends had one they initially called Twisty because she was like this. She ultimately straightened out. I would get a Pritchard teat and milk mom and bottle feed the kid to supplement his nursing. You may only need to do this temporarily as you see improvement.  Hopefully it is just a temporary thing, but you need to ensure that he is getting enough nourishment. Also stand him up and hold him to get him used to that. Let me know how it is going. Good luck!


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