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We have a goat that had 3 babies last night (one was born dead, 2 living does), the mother for the past 2 weeks has been extremely weak, needs help standing.. She's still eating and drinking but very weak.  She's been wormed, we're giving her a vitamin/mineral supplement, had a vet out who guessed maybe a baby was pinching a nerve? He couldn't find anything else wrong... Well she birthed her babies and she's still the same, possibly even weaker due to kidding.  I have two questions, one is due to her weakened state she had VERY little colostrum, I made sure each baby got as much as it could but it wasn't a lot at all.  We had another goat kid today.. Is it to late to give them a little more colostrum from this goat?  Also, the first of the babies born last night is pretty weak and sounds like she inhaled some fluid.  Just wondering if there is anything we can do for her?  She's still drinking but not standing on her own and isn't as lively as a baby goat should be.

Yes, I would give them colostrum from the other doe. I think it is too late to get fluid out of the kids lungs at this point. Just keep feeding at least every four hours, small amounts, or more frequently. Sometimes they can recover from the rattly lungs over time without antibiotics. That would be the other option.

Do you have CMPK for the doe? That might help with the weakness. Hand feed her lots of warm water. You may want to give her some electrolytes.

Good luck and let me know if you have other questions.


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