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We have two Nubian baby goats, a 5 wk old doeling and a 6 1/2 wk old castrated buckling purchased from the same herd. The doeling has been sick, and I have had to dose her orally some, and having much trouble. She only gets maybe half of what I'm trying to give her. She does not cooperate at all. I hold her between my legs, holding her chin with one hand and trying to get the syringe in the side of her mouth with the other hand, but I think she is letting most of it drain right back out as she shakes her head putting up a fit. I've used different syringes because the big drenching syringe seems too big. I am also freaked out about getting something in her lungs. She really got choked up and coughed really hard one time, and I've been gunshy since. Any advice? Especially since I have to start both on their deworming program.

I totally understand your frustration and problem. I have experienced it too. What kind of drenching syringe are you using? You could try putting something tasty in there a few times so she doesn't have such a bad association. A little molasses water, e.g. Or could switch to injectable dewormer for now till she changes. And her head needs to be titled up when she is drenched. They can seem really strong. I wish I could be of more help, but there is no magic bullet on this one. Good luck!


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