i was given a beautiful goat about 2 years ago,he wasnt feeling well took him to my vet and she said i literally loved him to death,i did not know .so my daughter for christmas got me 2 little dawf goats and i do not want to make any more mistakes. i give them 1 half cup of grain total for both of them daily is that ok,and also what else do i need to know,and thank you for being there jan

I assume you are talking about feeding incorrectly. Are these goats Wethers or does? If they are Wethers, they do not ever need grain. If does, then only when pregnant or in milk. I would gradually eliminate the grain, if they are just pets. You can give cut up fruit or peanuts in the shell for treats. Just don't overdo anything, give them, good hay, plenty of fresh warm water and get a goat mineral for them to eat free choice. I would recommend one of my books for basics.

Good luck and enjoy your kids!


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