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Thank you for your earlier responses. You asked what antibiotic that Abby, our now 8 week old doeling, was taking, and for what. The vet diagnosed her with navel ill, but she has had none of the symptoms-not swollen or tender joints, no limping, not just lying still or not moving around-and we personally think it may have been pneumonia, although she had a cough, the vet said her lungs sounded good. We had started her on Penicillin 1.5cc 2xday when we took her to the vet. He gave her an injection of Normycin, which he said would last 7 days, and recommended we continue with just one 1.5cc injection of penicillin a day. We did that for a week, she recovered, he recommended another week of the same, and she is doing great. We have given her Probios daily to help with the antibiotic overload, and she is eating great. We have cut back on the milk she is getting, and she is eating hay, feed, and forage very well. Tomorrow is her last day of antibiotics, and I am a little nervous, because the vet said if she starts running fever again in 3-5 days, it is a sure sign it is navel ill. My question is this: If it is indeed navel ill, would those 2 antibiotics have cleared it up? Or is it possible that she does have it and the treatment just cleared up a secondary infection caused by navel ill inhibiting her immune system? Should we try the Baytril you suggested if she begins running fever again? I am almost ready to wean her, but then worry I won't be able to monitor her fluid intake as closely if she does get sick again. Then at the same time I worry the way she takes her bottle is causing her to aspirate some which could have lead to the pneumonia I really think she had. And then another worry is if whatever she had was actually affected by the penicillin instead of the Normycin, then did taking only half the recommended daily amount possibly have not totally eradicated the illness? Should we continue even a little longer with the penicillin? As you can tell, I am a worrier, but I sure want to do everything right by this sweet girl.

HI Rhonda,
If she is acting fine and all seems well I see no reason to continue medications - actually over doing the meds is a bad thing as it  lower's the resistance to the medications.
I believe if it was in fact navel ill and  she has no symptoms now, the  infection is gone.
8 weeks is pretty young to wean.. I usually try for 4 months even if they are actively eating. You may want to extend this especially for her since she has been through so much already.

(What am I forgetting about the way she takes a bottle that it makes you worry?)  


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