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Hi, I have a 2 week old goat with diarrhea for almost a week. No temperature . Green watery . We cut her milk back have been giving electrolytes  . She acted ok up until 2 days ago, now is getting more lethargic . Will still suck and walks around . Thick mucus in her nostrils . One other had loose stool for about a day the. It went away. A third baby has snotty nose but thats the only simptom. A week ago we had to switch milk when we got her.
What do we do???

Hi, Allison,

Do you know of a vet you can call? It sounds like an infection of some kind. It he approved drug for pneumonia and which can help other infections is Naxcel, which requires a prescription. If you have no way to get that, then I would get some Biomycin, which you can get at a feed store. The dosage is 5 cc per 100 lbs every 48 hours for 4 doses. She needs to drink the milk for energy. For diarrhea there is a horse product called Bio sponge, that helps coat the intestine. I got some from a vet, but I know,they sell it online, and maybe insome stores. Pepto bismol may also stop the diarrhea. You can drench her with that, or get the kind that is a paste for animals. It could be the stress of switching milk. Are you using goat milk?

Let me know if you have questions. I hope you can get a vet to see what she thinks.


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