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We have 2 Nubians, a 6 wk old doeling and 8 wk old castrated buckling. The doeling has been sick, first diagnosed with joint ill, but now the vet thinks pneumonia. Anyway, this has involved separating the two when we take her to the vet, and when we have to bring her inside to administer sub-q fluids and injections. He is very healthy, eats great, has a problem with jumping on us that we are working on, but otherwise a normal goat. However, he has cried so much when they are apart that he is hoarse, and it really makes me think his throat must be sore. Is there anything we can give him to soothe his throat? I have a hard time drenching the doeling, partly because I am a newbie and intimidated, and I think partly because she's tired of me shoving stuff down her throat....but the buckling will eat anything you give him. Any advice for us folks new to goats?

HI Rhonda,
how long are they apart when he cries?  Only when she comes in the house to get treated?  I have had kids over the years who have gone almost voiceless due to hollering.. and honestly there is nothing you can really do but try to keep the  incidences that cause the crying to be limited. the voice will come back  after he stops crying so much.. BTW he is terribly young to have been castrated already. :(

I have many articles on raising goats especially designed to help newbies like yourself..

take a look..  it has just about anything you need to know.
What are you drenching with? be very careful not to hold her head upward - this can cause the liquid to go down into the lungs.  Hold her head straight.  


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