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Goats/kids can't nurse


My Nigerian Dwarf Doe give birth to two kids last night.  Her udder is huge and the teats are at ground level.  The kids can't find teats. She is sensitive to touch on the udder and had to be confined to milk her.  we were able to get the babies on and they sucked fine. She licks and cares for them, but they can't find her teat without help.  They keep looking in her underbelly.  I made a sling to raise the teats from my bra (cut front out) and it is keeping the teats up a few inches but the babies don't know to look down there.  Any ideas?  Really trying to avoid bottle feeding.

Sounds like you are certainly doing everything you can but I would advise bottle raising - the kids are just never going to be able to nurse correctly and get enough food.  You could milk her out and bottle feed the kids that and perhaps then the kids could get to the teats if they were not so large.  Kid goats need 10% of their body weight in food the first 24 hours of life.  Hope this helps - Donna


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