QUESTION: Hi Donna, an update on peanuts condition and still a need for assistance. She began eating hay on her own last evening and will take liquids on her own, however, she is still very weak but not as bad as she has been. The initial paralysis she had on one side of her face has mostly cleared up but still has no blink reflex in her left eye and I don't believe sight either. So she is still getting Pen G four times a day as well as probiotics and one 100 mg B1 tablet four times a day. She still has really bad abdominal pain, spasms fairly often so I used the Tasvax 8 three times today also, not sure about this? She is still pooping, however, a bit soft, not runny, most likely from the mineral oil I had given her. Seems she is responding to treatment, so do I stay the course Pen G Tasvax 8 Vitamin's etc. and what can I do about these spasms. Thanks

ANSWER: Thanks for the update.  Generally re the penicillin I give it twice a day at 3 cc/100 pounds, and the B1 5 to 7 tablets twice a day.  Is she still running a fever? The blindness and blink reflex will be the last to come back generally.  Re the abdominal pain, have you tried any liquour/alcohol? Would give the Tasvax one more day  and that should be plenty to have created enough antibodies in her system to fight the clostridium. Hope this helps - Donna

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QUESTION: Ok, so 5 to 7 tablets all at once crushed up? Also, the dosing instructions for the Pen-G I got off Onion Creek Ranch for treatment of POLIO, and Listeriosis. So it's ok to cut back to twice a day now? The reason for such a high dose was to get past the brain something barrier to repair the damage caused by the Listeriosis. Thanks for such a rapid response Peanut is very grateful for your intervention and I am too. You have been bang on so far, this girl owes her life to you, forever grateful.

Re the B1, yes, crushed up.  Re the pen-G - those folks most likely give it subcutaneously and that would need a higher dose just to get it through the body - but intramuscularly will be the 3 cc/100 pounds body weight twice a day - are you giving it intramuscularly or subcutaneously? But if you want to give it more often that's fine as long as you give enough probiotics to keep the rumen functioning - sounds like that is happening as she is eating better for you.  Hope this helps - Donna  


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