Hi Donna, how are you today? well, I trust. I have a lady with a 3 week old buck kid, that has a butterscotch color poop. She tells me it is like double thick butterscotch pudding and has been this way for a few days. I told her to cut back on the milk yesterday, which she has done. I actually had him here and saw the poop for myself so I know it's milk overload. I'm wondering in hindsight if perhaps he should be totally pulled off the milk and given electrolytes for a couple days, and what little hay he can eat. The poops are consistent not runs but orangey and soft. I also told her to give yogurt perhaps a 1/4 cup in between the electrolyte's for a bit of energy. He is lively playful and full of vim and vigour, just like to see the poop come normal. Thanks

I am well but tired - lots of kids at home - but it is always fun!

Okay, generally yellow loose poop to diarrhea is enterotoxemia.  This needs CDT toxoid injections along with antibiotics - oral is fine - and milk of magnesia to flush out the clostridium bacteria.  Would dilute milk with electrolytes.  What oral antibiotics do you have? After two doses with milk of magnesia then would switch that part to pepto bismol to help with firming up the diarrhea/loose poop.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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