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We bought 2 drawf goats at auction and now 1 wk has gone by.we noticed that they were coughing and 2 days later started with snotty eyes and noises. i started la-200, 2 ml shots and gave for 5 days ,gave shots behind the front legs. they both are 4 years old..they are supose to be pregnet..and have small bags under them and fat in bellys.their temps are today, brown one 104.the brown one is eatting fine and drinking pooping in pellets ,chewing cud ,all the hay she wants and moving around in yard to eat grasses and weeds.she is 4 yrs old ,pregnet ,and give pellet grain every other day about 1 cup with wormer in it.she gets up and down walking around fine, no rasping in lungs but she still has snotty eyes and noise .i started asprin and benadrill once a day in morning,i bought CD@t shots for them but dont know weather to give being they are sick.can i give them a shot or wait? ---   the black one ---she is temp 103 chewing cud dont know,her poop in in a mass like dog poop from a med size dog,dring and eatting hay a little and when i put her in the yard she eats some weeds and grasses but not like the brown one,,she seamed to be shaking this morn in the shad and has snotty noise,she is up and down ,walking around but just a lot slower then the other one,.no rasping in lunge ,gave her shots of la-200 for 5 days and now started benadrill and asprin ,once a day,,she got some probis on bread last night but when she eats she seams she cant breath well and stops eatting..but she is eatiin hay and grasses i tryed grain pellets but she only takes a bit or two and stops..we are from S.C. area and wanted to save theses goats and make pets out of them..the aution place was dirty and muddy..its been raining alot and on the day after the aution it was wet for a few days..can you give me some advice?  i got the CD & T shots but dont know if they are healthy enought to give it to them..thank you for your time..Ms.Lou

HI Nancy -
It is so hard when you buy goats at auction because you have no idea of the background -
Shipping stress also called Shipping Fever is  the lowering of the  immune system  due to the stress of the environment being change -  it can bring on  pneumonia, wormload, coccidiosis and pinkeye.. not all of these will happen maybe none of them but these are the main things that can happen..  the goats can get one or a few of these things just due to the fact that their home , water, feed  and herd mates have changed. Add in a dirty auction barn and who knows what they may have picked up..  ALWAYS a good idea to quarantine new goats for at least 30 days away from any contact even through fencing from your  other goats and livestock.

THAT being said - normal rectal temp is 101.5 to 103.5 - cough, fever, depressed appetite and watery eyes could be pneumonia - and or pinkeye beginning.

My personal choice for upper respiratory is Tylan200  I use 1cc/25lbs injected SQ I use the back leg -
Dewormers put on feed are not effective, you need to use  Ivomec PLUS injected  and I use this at the rate of 1cc/40lbs unless they are very  anemic which in case I use 1cc/30lbs also injected SQ

The goat that is not eating I  do suspect possibly having pneumonia. ALSO have you checked the inner lower eye lid for color? You can  use over the counter cough  expectant for them to help congestion.

As far as the CDT goes, this is a preventative.. will not help illness-

Let me add  some links to articles that cover some of these things in detail for you.

Checking for Anemia: http://goat-link.com/content/view/110/107/
Deworming: http://goat-link.com/content/view/58/46/
Coccidiosis: http://goat-link.com/content/view/145/155/
Pneumonia: http://goat-link.com/content/view/100/91/
Pinkeye: http://goat-link.com/content/view/221/5

CDT Vaccines: http://goat-link.com/content/view/164/185

These articles should explain to you  what to do and how .. more clearly than I can do in this email.  


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