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earlyer i wrote about 2 drawf goats we got at aution being sick .i forgot to metion that i also found givin them asprin and benadrell for snotty noises ,that they have sores around their lips. is this a sign of soure mouth? iv given them 2 ml of la-200 for 5 days also..i bought CD@ T shots but dont know if i can give them yet due to them being sick with snotty noises and eyes also..they are eatting good today grasses and hay but realy not up to snuff like most goats would be that they are pregnet..about half way i would say for their pergnancy..i just would like to know what to do for the sores on the lips and snotty noses ..they have rectal temps of 103 and 104 this morn,,one eats grain pelltes good and the other only tastes then dont want them..iv given probotics paste and should i cont...to do so ??if so for how long you think and how much..the one with temp of 103 has been pooping like a med size dog ,but today she has small round pellete poop..and advice would be great ..and thank you ..Ms.Lou

HI Ms.Lou
sounds like  orf (sore mouth ) to me.. it will run its course.. and  typically once they have it they will not get it again.. careful not to touch yourself after touching them as it is contagious..
Use my deworming  article to deworm properly.. this will  help the poops to get normal.. that  kind of poop is usually a sign of worms.. like I said the  feed based dewormer is not effective.. snotty noses.. you cold try to give them a benedryl capsule to see if it clears up.. if it does then most likely allergies.. if not  then suspect pneumonia.. and treat accordingly..

The articles I sent in my last post should explain the use of CDT as well as treating worms and pneumonia.. probios is good ..  it helps the gut with the proper flora.. to digest.. once a day is enough..  


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