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QUESTION: we have some boer goats and we have some bucks, they are very healthy, big and their eyelid color is good. the prob is they seem all to have this belly which doesnt look all that good so their body is not uniformed so i was wondering is there something i can do or what causes that belly. they are on a grass pasture and get fed pellets also. thank you and God Bless

I need MUCH more information please.. photos would also help.. how old are they? How much in the way of pellets do they get? When did you deworm last? with which dewormer.. ?
What exactly is wrong  with the way the belly looks?

When you can give me more detailed information I can try to help you figure it all out. :)

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QUESTION: these are medicated goat pellets, they get each a scoop in the morning, last was cydectin less than a month ago, lil bit over a year old. they look like a doe that about to give birth sometimes, well not that much :) i dont think its bloat because its not hollow

I wish I could see a photo but from what you say..
Cydectin is not a very effective dewormer..  I would change to Ivomec PLUS injectable or Valbazen oral suspension..  (never use  Valbazen on pregnant does)
Read about deworming here: http://goat-link.com/content/view/58/46/

If you could send photos  it would be best..  as I am trying to visualize the issue .. to be able to help.

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QUESTION: i'll try to get some pics, about the ivomec do i inject them or use it orally

It is always best to inject this  SQ.. it works more effectively and for a longer period of time..
Take a look at my article please - http://goat-link.com/content/view/58/46/
I look forward to seeing the photos..  try to get a few different views..  


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