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QUESTION: we have some boer goats and we have some bucks, they are very healthy, big and their eyelid color is good. the prob is they seem all to have this belly which doesnt look all that good so their body is not uniformed so i was wondering is there something i can do or what causes that belly. they are on a grass pasture and get fed pellets also. thank you and God Bless

ANSWER: Green grass pasture has nitrogen in it and that creates gas in the rumen.  Are the pellets grass hay or alfalfa or are these a pelleted grain for livestock?  If they are on alfalfa pellets then that creates even more gas.  Is the poop in pelleted form or does it look like dog poop?  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: they are grain for livestock, and some like dog poop and some like pelleted and what can be wrong and how to treat

The dog poop type points to worms.  The good eyelid color only indicates they do not have the barber pole worm/no anemia.  This could also be worms.  What worming regimen do you have them on? I use (and have used for 28 years) the following regimen for worming my goats (24 in the herd including bucks, packgoats, does in milk, kid goats, growing goats, etc.): I use Zimectrin and Safeguard oral horse wormers as the wormers to cover all intestinal worms - you use twice the goat's body weight to find the closest higher measurement on the plunger of the wormer tubes, place the lock and give orally.  You give once every 2 months, switching back and forth every 2 months between Zimectrin and Safeguard.  I also start worming a 2 months of age and for those kids and up to about 1 year of age (when they finally can get their doubled weight found on the plunger or at least close) use 1/2 inch of the wormer - I put it on my finger and give orally.  These are both safe for all productions of goats.  If you are planning on using the meat I would give at least a 30 day period from last worming - there are no specifics on this but it is my best guess to a good clean out date.  I usually run worm checks every 3 to 4 months with excellent results.  I keep this regimen going all the time so I never have to worry about new worms or goats eating in new pastures getting those worms.  Hope this helps - Donna


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