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we are going to build a new goat barn, and we were wondering what to make the floor of, whether concrete or just to leave it as dirt. we are going to have a section for kidding also. what do you recommend? also what do you think we should have in the floor plan. thank you so much and God Bless.

Cement is really hard on the goats joints, so I would leave it dirt. If you will be milking, I souldmake the milk room cement, as I would the food storage area, for easier cleanup and to keep the rats down. You could even put a gray water drain the floor so it could be washed out. That is something I regret not doing in my milk room. Depending on the layout, it is good to have two entrances , because sometimes bullying goats try to prevent others from coming in. I have two kidding pens, and try to stagger breeding a so I can have them in for up to five days, if needed. Shelves off the floor to sleep on are also something goats love.

I hope this was helpful.


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