we have something that i've noticed recently a goat will start limping and then after couple of days or so would get better and then a diff one would limp and then get better and even one of our dorper rams started limping. is there something that i need to worry about. and one of our bucks always picks up his right hind leg like trying to scratch or twitching. also i found one of our 2 to 3 months old doeling screaming and stargazing and looking up and then walks and sits its weird. can you help me please. thank you and God Bless

Could they have hoof rot or founder? Have you checked their feet?

The stargazing sounds like a different issue. Take the temp of that one. How is her condition otherwise? Is she eating and drinking okay? Is her poop and pee normal? It could be the start of polio or listeriosis.


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